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January 22, 2015 – Yodeling

Its a Thursday night, $1 beer night at Brock’s bar downtown Fredericksburg VA and my roommates and I are pre-gaming for it. in the midst, I found out that the daily create is to yodel haha so I got my roommates to join in and we all drunkenly yodeled together. I might have been a little too intoxicated going back and listening to it, but hey… it’s interesting! and I tagged and uploaded it correctly too so good job drunk Jack! Sober Jack is prouda you!

January 23, 2015 – Eye Selfie

I tweeted my second daily create in addition to posting it to Flickr (You can find the link to the Flickr post in the embedded tweet). I had to take an #EyeSelfie. I took my iPhone 6 Plus and took a pic with the front facing camera. It didn’t come out as good as if I had taken it with the better back camera so I went to the bathroom and looked at the mirrors reflection so I could see the screen of my iPhone and take the picture. I think its really neat!  I did an edit with photoshop but haven’t posted it anywhere so this edit with be blog special!


January 25, 2015 – Word Painting

For the last of the 3 daily creates, I had to create a word painting… What is that? Still don’t know what it is really. I clicked the link provided in the daily create. ( for inspiration or ideas and I saw a cardboard cutout sculpture which lead me to this! I took an empty case of Corona and decided to cut the letters of “UMW” out. I googled “College Font” and I just eyed lines on them and used scissors to cut them out  It took longer than I thought it would which kinda sucked but it was worth it because I have them to put up on a wall in my college home.

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