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Daily Create


For my first daily create for the week I drew a picture of David Kernohan for his birthday on Monday. First thing I did was go on to the website to get some inspiration for my drawing. Then, I used a couple of ideas from their website to start creating my “David” drawing. I drew David with a Picasso-like head, and I gave him long, straight hair with a dark, full beard and a unique styled mustache to fit his personality. I think this is the perfect drawing to give to David for his birthday.

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Make creative hands

This week for my second daily create I did the “Make creative hands assignment”. For my example of creative hands I chose to do a simple heart shape. I chose to do a shape with my hands to show that you can create any shape simply with just your two hands. Not only can you create creative shapes with your hands you can also create unique drawing with your hands using a pencil. The creative things you can do and create with your hands is endless.

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What’s your super power? X-ray vision

For my last daily create post this week I chose the “What’s your super power” assignment. The super power I chose to have was x-ray vision. I would love to have the super power of x-ray vision because then I would be able to see through peoples’ bodies to help them find out why they are sick, or why they are hurting. I think x-ray vision would be a really cool super power, and I know if I had x-ray vision it would be extremely beneficial to those in need.

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