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Data Of The Dead (As Lena Meyers)

This is the writing assignment “Data of the Dead” written from the position of my noir character of the week, Lena Meyers.

I’d like to think that I would be remembered well. I hope to be remembered by my family, friends, classmates, young kids I work with, and running buddies as someone who always goes after what she wants and stays motivated. Although my family is now in Scotland, I hope they would come back to lay me to rest in my hometown of Windsor, NY. That’s where all of my sweetest memories are and that’s where I would like my body to be for the rest of the existence of this Earth. As for my belongings, I hope that my friends and family would take something from me that would bring nothing but good memories. Whether that be anything from a piece of clothing to a notebook…really anything. The only thing that I will specifically leave to someone special is the ruby ring from my great great grandmother. I wish to leave it to my younger sister, Jocelyn. Joce, I hope you hold this ring close to your heart and that one day you’ll have a daughter to give it to. There are so many memories that this ring has been there for that I wouldn’t want anyone besides you to have it. You’re now the one daughter to our parents and the one sister to our brother; please, always treat them with kindness and make me proud.
I love all of you more than words can ever say!
xx, Lena

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