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DeLovely Lyrics and the Story of Zach’s Life.

I greatly enjoyed doing the four-star Lyrics Typography assignment and utilizing the skills I gained this week, but not imposing them as strictly to this design and letting my own preferences and passions shine through much more than in the others. Basically, this time, I just did me, and I think as a result, my design turned out beautifully.

lyrics typography

These are the lyrics from a very beautiful and personally meaningful song to me by a very amazing boy named Zach, some of which I’ve woven throughout other various assignments. I picked a background that was inspired by the movie “UP”, utilized PicMonkey once again (… surprise, surprise!) and was inspired by the thick fonts reminiscent of handwriting and the similar color scheme of bright turquoise-y blue and black that is found on the book that is written all about the story of Zach’s life.


I followed the rules of scaling and contrasting common to effective graphic and typographic design, yet I also added my own little flairs. For instance, I made each balloon have a different font so it looked as if they had been written on, I purposefully made the words “fly a little higher” inch up the side of the page as if they were doing just that, and the “up” on the highest position balloon is italicized, almost like the letters are alive and yearning to do the same, to fly a little higher.

This poster has a truly whimsical feel that makes my heart fly with happiness and joy and my mind float up into the Clouds, where it admittedly usually is. How beautiful that one is able to create what they truly feel and absolutely are.


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