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Design Blitz

First of all, before I get into my pictures I would just like to say that anytime I read the words “design blitz” I think of the song Ballroom Blitz. I keep singing “design blitz” in the tune to the song.

Anyway, one of the assignments for this week was to find things that illustrated at least four out of the ten design elements. All this week I had my camera with me, but I couldn’t really find anything that matched the elements. However, I went through all my pictures and I found a lot of them that could count.


This is one picture that I did take this week. I came into my apartment to see this one singular dying rose in a vase full of dice. I thought this was very symbolic. It’s almost as if, even though the rose is still in water (maybe representative of love) the dice (gambling addiction?) are still killing it. I was really grateful that my roommates did this. It was something I knew I could use for this assignment.


This is a picture I took at Universal Studios in Diagon Alley in the new section of the Harry Potter park. I chose this picture for color because the bright yellow and orange of the flame really stands out from the dull pastel colors of the dragon and the building. It even stands out against the blue of the sky.


I took this picture while we were waiting in line for a ride at the Harry Potter park in Universal Studios. I picked this picture for dominance because as soon as you walk into Gringotts bank your eyes are immediately drawn to the enormous chandeliers in the room. Not only are they enormous, but they are the main source of lighting in the room. They draw your eyes and it makes it hard to focus on any of the other beautiful aspects of the bank.


This is another picture I took while waiting in line for the same ride (we waited in line for an hour and thirty minutes, there was plenty of time for pictures). I picked this picture to represent typography. The ‘WE REGRET’ is in very big, bold print suggesting that they want to emphasize it. The same goes fro the word ‘FULL’. ‘DRAGON GUARDED’ and ‘ARE CURRENTLY’ and also bolded and put into boxes suggests that they are also important, but the font is not as big as the other words which suggest they are not as important.

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