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Design Blitz

My design blitz incorporates four different concepts in the field of design.

This photo shows dominance because the vine and moss are taking over the tree and living on its surface. I think dominance is effective in photos because it shows strength and power.


This photo of my drawing shows rhythm because the shapes and lines repeat and the colors coordinate in a pattern. Rhythm can be effective in photos because it makes them pleasing to the eye and ordered, but some people might find photos like this more boring, it all depends on who is looking at the picture.


This photo shows color because there is a range of color just in this one plant, which is also unique given that it is winter. Color can show vibrancy in a photo and give an expression or make the viewer feel a certain way.

This photo shows proportion because the person standing in the hand looks to be much smaller than she really is because she is farther away. Proportion makes a photo interesting to look at, it can trick the eye or put objects into perspective.


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