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DesignBlitz of Merica!!!!!!!!

First think I should probably note is that every single one of my pictures is the American Flag or, for one, has an American flag in it. When looking at the different categories that were given, I was trying to think of things that could fit in each of them. I then decided to have every picture i took be about America. Considering i am very  patriotic and love my country, i have many forms of the American flag all over my house. Being so, i was able to incorporate them into each category I chose: color, rhythm, use of space and symbol.

1. Color: To start of the Design Blitz for this week, I decided to do color. This picture of the American flag is made out of three different beer cases: Bud Light (blue), Budweiser (red) and Natural light or natty (white). To me, this image of the American flag pops out to the eye due to the different shade of each color; its not just one solid blue, but many forms of blue.


2. Symbol. The second category i chose was symbol. The American Flag to me is probably the greatest symbol there could ever be. It represents our nation, what we are about and the ones fighting for this nation. For these reasons, there are many different way the American flag is portrayed or designed; from an American flag patch that is camouflaged to one that is flipped around for when it is warn on the right arm.



3. Rhythm: The American Flag also has rhythm. From how the stars are arranged to represent the state to how the stripes are laid to represent the 13 original colonies. This picture is a painting of the American flag that we have painted on our bar.


4. Use of space: This last picture is to represent use of space. It is of a mounted buck that we use to hold split arrows, add a little bit of our own touch to the house and also to hold our hats, where an American Flag bandanna hang from at all times.





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