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My first DesignBlitz photo reflects the “color” concept. I think this photo is effective when it comes to color. It is effective because the picture displays a bright mood through the different colors displayed in the lamp shade. Also, each color in the lamp shade draws your attention to it when illuminated to the various colors that come through the Tiffany shade. I think if the lamp shade was made up of  dark, saturated colors it would not have been as effective and would not likely draw your attention to it like the brighter, fall colors would.





For this photo I chose for it to represent the “typography” concept. This picture reflects a typography concept because the text and the Roman Numerals are displayed in bold font which makes the message more emphatic to the reader. I think the typography concept is effective in this photo because if the text was in normal Times New Roman font I do not think the message would have come across as strongly as an archaic message.




“Balance” is the concept represented in this photo. Balance is represented because this photo shows how both sides of the hutch are symmetrical. As you can see in the picture, each side has three photos on it, and each side has two decorative pieces, one on each side, making it symmetrical. Therefore, will all the piece being evenly symmetrical on each side I think balance is represented effectively.




For my last picture the design concept that I felt was represented was “rhythm”. Rhythm was represented because there is a constant repetition of the palm tree pattern from the pillows to the seat cushions. I think rhythm is very effective when it comes to this picture because the pattern is consistent throughout the entire sofa. If the pattern was not continued to the pillows and the cushions I do not think the rhythm concept would have been as effective.


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