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Designing my weekly post

Its that time of the week again folks. The time when I gather up all of the work I have done over the week and put it in one neat, organized blog post. This week covered design which is a concept that is unique to everyone. Everyone has opinions on what looks good and what things do not go well with other things… “things” is a very broad word and I do not particularly like to use that word because of the fact, so I am sorry. But yeah, we had a list of assignments and tasks to complete as usual which I have completed over the last week. You can find all of the weeks work below with greater detail and explanation of each in the original assignments blog post!

Read and Reflect on The Vignelli Canon:

The Vignelli Cannon – Massimo Vignelli wrote this fairly short design booklet and I wrote a reflection of what I though of it. It covered a wide array of topics all falling under design which was interesting to to compare and contrast. For example, the tangible and intangible aspects of design

Watch some films: Your choice: 

The Story of a Dude – I watched the Coen Brother’s The Big Lebowski this week. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it just as a good story with good acting. My post was was a reflection dealing with design within this noir film.

Complete a DesignBlitz: 

D e s i g n – There was 10 concepts of design listed in the assignment, and I had to pick any 4 and capture it with a photograph.

Do your DailyCreates:

Creating Daily Creates, Daily pt. 4 – I had to draw that David for his Birthday, show off my creative hands, and reveal my super power to the public. Hahah check it out!

Complete at least 12 stars of design assignments: With one assignment being 4 or more stars.

Jota as a Cartoon? – 2 STARS

I Command You to be Motivated – 3 STARS

Jim is Practically Famous – 4.5 STARS

Read this with Your Eyes – 2.5 STARS

Inform Yourself about Copyright & Creative Commons:

© – This week I thought about copyright and the Creative Commons initiative that has sprung up as a response to copyright law and wrote a reflection concerning the topic.

(If you’re ready) Submit your assignment ideas and/or write up your tutorials: I was not ready this week. This will be completed in the near future!

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