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Did Left Shark Eat A Puppy?

I started off this week with a healthy dose of pun.

Left Shark Daily CreateI loved Left Shark’s performance. Katy Perry? Not so much. I’ll admit I enjoyed Lenny Kravitz’s rendition of her song much more than the original. Anyways, Left Shark was awesome. He apparently just stopped caring or, more generously, may have frozen on stage at the Super Bowl, which I doubt considering he’s a professional dancer of the sea.  I stopped looking at Katy during her performance to watch him, so this felt oddly true, disregarding the terrible pun.  I grabbed this image off of a search for Left Shark, mainly for his “uh-oh” face–he didn’t care.  I opened it up in GIMP, did a very rough select around “Miss Katy” and deleted her because that’s what my mind had done originally. I gave it a nice and polished wooden background because it was readily available, and, yet again, that was how I viewed her highly choreographed ineptitude (her voice is nice, I’ll give her that, at least).  Then I threw in a little “I’m Sorry” haiku note from Left Shark for garnering more praise from the Internet than her performance.  Left Shark, forever.

Puppy DCI really wanted to get my Daily Create assignments done early in the week, so I jumped (barked?) at the chance to do yet another caption–especially as a favor for mankind’s best friend.  I immediately noted the patch of bare earth beneath the puppy and it seemed like he was searching for something.  What do dogs look for? Bones, stereotypically speaking.  Now, he is a little furball, so I figured he could do with something a bit musical. I set my bone-finding tune to All Around the Mulberry Bush in a text box in GIMP, and voila. Now Kevin has a nice tune to think of whenever he’s terrorizing the back yard!

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