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For today’s daily create I had to create a collage of everything I did today. Most of my morning was sleeping in since I never get to do that. The first thing I did one I woke up was go to this rec center place with my housemates to get chili dogs. (Yes, I know eating chili dogs as soon as you wake up doesn’t sound like the best thing in the world but I loved it.) We ate and then played a few games of pool while listening to good music. I then went to Wegman’s with some friends to study and do homework. That took up most of my day unfortunately. I then treated myself for all the work I did today with Chipotle. I brought the food back to my house and watched the Vanderbilt vs LSU game on my laptop and cheered on my old high school classmate who plays for Vanderbilt. After the game, my housemates and I were inspired and played a game of “HORSE” on our Little Tikes goal. I am now ending the night with my girlfriend and drinking my favorite beer, Sea Dog.

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