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DS106 BootCamp Week

Hello my name is Tyler Daig and this week was sort of a struggle for me. As the long winter break ended and the beginning of a new semester started, there is so┬ámuch excitement and headaches that occur. Going to class all day, then spending at least three hours playing baseball, and not to mention all of your teammates/roommates surrounding you with fun ideas for “syllabus week”, makes it extremely difficult to remember that I have an online class as well. Now that the excitement has died down, I am ready to be in full stride with this course and I am rather excited.

I was fortunate enough to take a freshman seminar class a few years ago that made us create a domain through the UMW sites. The class that I was in was actually the first group and the test dummies for this program so my domain was already created. As far as setting up the social media sites go, it was kind of frustrating. I had just finished deleting all of my social media sites a few months ago, as a personal choice to get my mind off of my cell phone as I was busy with other courses.

So I started off with Twitter and created a new account. It actually made me pretty sad as I was doing it because I reminisced to the days where I had hundreds of followers and tweeted all day when humor struck. But I guess it is time to start fresh and hop back in the Twitter Nest. As far as the other sites go, I did not have much trouble creating them. I have always been skeptical about making all of these accounts because of information about me existing in this little internet cloud around our heads but I guess I have to get out of that mind and join the 21st century.

Please be patient with me as I try to figure out how to imbed all of this media and stuff like that into my blog. I have about 15 tabs open and my computer has restarted on its own once already. I am not as tech savvy as I should be, being a GIS Analyst in the making but all I do is look at maps all day. So to sum this first week up….I have some work to do.

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