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DS106 Radio Tweet- Along- The Butterfly

I did the ds106 radio “tweet- along” on Monday. I was curious about the radio show and wanted to start on Monday. The show was very eventful. I started off not really invested in the story. The story was called the Butterfly. It was about a girl named Katie coming to meet her “father” Jess. They live with each other for a year and she is supposed to be engaged to young man. Jess finds out that she has a child and is curious about the father. Moke Blue comes along and is about the same age as Jess. Jess finds out that Moke has the same butterfly birth mark as Danny, Katie’s baby. Jess freaks out and wonders if Moke is the father. He goes out to meet Moke and Moke tells him that he is indeed the father but later tells him that it is all a lie. Moke Blue was actually the father of Katie and the butterfly birthmark went down from male to male in his family. Angry, Jess kills Moke and shoots him in his butterfly birthmark. Jess goes to Katie and is very happy that he isn’t her father. He wants to be her wife. The two change their names and get married. They are eventually caught and the couple is sent to court because the court believes that their are father and daughter. They believe that they are breaking the law by marrying each other. Jess argues that they aren’t and brings up the situation with Moke but the court doesn’t believe him. At the end of the hearing, Katie no longer wants to be with Jess and breaks up with him to be with her original fiance. Jess is sad and goes to the cave where they and his first ex- wife would meet. Ed Blue, Moke Blue’s vengeful brother, finds Jess in the cave and shoots him. Jess’s last words are something along the lines of, “I’m a good man.”

I found this story to start out okay, but it slowly got very extreme. I had to stop it a couple times because of what was happening. The elements in the radio drama felt like a soap opera and their were many times when I would start laughing and the craziness of it all. Needless to say, it was entertaining and I had a lot of fun tweeting and looking at the tweets of others.

Side Note: The audio was crisp and clear and fit the mood of the drama fantastically :)

Here are some of my favorite tweets from Monday night.

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