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DS106 Wallpaper

g (4 Stars)

I chose to do the wallpaper because I felt as though it would help me be a little more creative and try to explore with things like photoshop and other photo editing tools. DS106 is themed base off the idea of noir, which is that dark, crime filled idea of things, a darker view.  For this assignment I still wanted it to be visually appealing, but I also wanted it to be dark. I used a galaxy background and used some tools to blend and double effect the original coloring, to give it a less space feel. Then I also added the title DS106, not in as dark of a color, but for it to stand out because after all it needs to stand out. I tried to be creative but I learned I wasn’t at all, I am going to explore a little more so I can be ready for the next addicting assignment bigger and better.

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