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DS106 Week One Summary

Week one was very stressful for me. I am horrible with computers so I got confused a great deal. In the end I got things worked out. Going to meet with professor Groom also helped a great deal. I feel more confident with the websites now and hopefully I won’t do too bad during the rest of the semester. So far I have posted a video from YouTube and audio from Soundcould. I also embedded links from my Flicker, Soundcould, Google/YouTube, and Twitter. I learned how to post things to each of these websites and how to use WordPress. WordPress was the hardest for me to learn how to use because I had never used a site like it before. Now that I have had experience with using it, I feel better about the process and not as lost as I was when I started. However making the social media sites was easier than I expected it to be. All the different logins and passwords for all of the different sites drove me crazy. I kept forgetting them and had to keep going back and then changing them. Now I will just write them all down somewhere so I don’t have to constantly change them. I enjoyed posting my pictures because I got to look through my old photos. In all I feel like I learned a lot this week and have become more educated about the sites I was on.


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