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Easter Kitty

The First writing assignment I chose is Holifaves which is to write about your favorite holiday. Personally, my favorite holiday is Easter. Growing up in a Catholic family and having attended Catholic school, Easter was one of the big holidays we celebrated at home, in the classroom, and at church. I know many people think of Christmas as their favorite holiday, but for me Easter was better. This holiday is, at least for our family, to have fun and play games and spend time together more than just giving and receiving presents. We still have Easter baskets, but they’re more full of fun little trinkets or candy and they’re not the main focus of the day. The focus of our day is going to church, celebrating the resurrection, and being together through the special time.

I do have to say, however, despite this aspect of Easter, my favorite part is still dying Easter eggs and having an Easter egg hunt. Being the youngest, I always had a little bit of a Headstart but once we were old enough, that went away. Something that never change in our rules during the hunt was that fouls have to be called. My family gets pretty competitive and somebody could end up a little bit hurt if we didn’t do this!

Even our pets got in on this holiday, having an Easter basket of their own with little treats and toys. One of them even liked to be part of the basket herself!  This was puff one of our cats who died about a year ago she was always very cute. The first Easter we had her, she climbed in the basket by herself and after that we quickly adopted the tradition to have a picture of her taken in a basket every year. It even got to the point where she would sit in the napkin basket that’s on our kitchen table! So here’s a picture of that:


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