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Ending Alternative to Scott Pilgrim Deleted Scenes

Pilgrim after his last dance at the arcade noticed he still like Ramona, but he relies that Ramona already came back for him.

“Are you crazy?” Pilgrim’s friend said after she saw Ramona. “I won’t let you destroy yourself for her anymore”.

The two girls put up a big fight and destroyed the place.

Ramona said “I’m here to worn you guys not to get back with Pilgrim”

“UCH! That hurts”Pilgrim .

the grounds started shaking the place got destroyed! Big fire!

“Pilgrim run away” Ramona said screening, “They are here to get you run!”

Two creepy guys existing a airship

“That’s him go get him!”

Pilgrim tried to escape through the Wreckage!

No one knows if they are still alive…


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