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I’ve been struggling trying to come up with some sort of idea for this radio show. I just couldn’t come up with anything at all. Then when I was going through my posts I looked at my audio reflection post which I’d titled ‘video killed the radio star’ as a joke, but then I got to thinking what if I could turn that into a story? A murder mystery about a suave young radio narrator who’s listeners are stuck to him like glue. Maybe somebody at the new tv station downtown doesn’t like the lack of attention he’s getting, and maybe that someone is a bit bonkers and thinks that the best way to bring viewers to him, is to get them to stop listening to radio.

I don’t know. Usually I’m not so good with suspenseful plots and mystery, but maybe someone in my group will be better at putting together a plot where I can work more on the technical stuff. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses; that’s what makes working in teams so great is that somebody else’s strength can cover your weakness and vice versa.

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