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Field Trip to the Dark and Mysterious….

“It’s 3 am. It’s dark. It’s lonely. Heat pulsates from the rattling vents in the wall as I sit in the middle of the floor. Alone. Not like that’s any different from normal. I’m repacking my bag. Again. It’s time to fly south.”

-Victoire Absinthe’s Diary, January 31, 2015

Victoire emptied her purse onto the floor.


Victoire doesn’t need to keep a lot on her person. She’s got a head scarf to keep her hair in place while cruising in her newly acquired roadster, a tube of lipstick (for obvious reasons). Her wallet is a small bag with an eastern inspired print. She got it in San Francisco.  She likes it more than a traditional wallet that other ladies walk around using. She finds them trite and easily, “Misplaced.” To be fair, this little money bag is easy to, “lose”, as well, but you wouldn’t think twice about it. Considering she’s got a gun tucked away in case of those little life emergencies. It’s a dangerous world out there. A girl needs to be prepared. She also threw in a black pearl bracelet. No particular reason. She just thinks it’s pretty.

You’d think that throwing a bag together would be easy for Victoire. But it’s not. She’s on the move, so finding items that she would consider appropriate to cary at all times is something of a feat.

(note: I, surprise surprise, don’t actually have a small handgun from the 40s so pretend that nerf gun is actually a pistol ok thanks)

This quick narrative was part of the, “What’s in Your Bag” assignment. If you’re interested, here is the link.

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