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First Week Frowback

This week I set up my social media sites and explored the concepts of noir. I had a great time rewatching one of my favorite episodes of Pretty Little Liars (along with other cool examples of film noir,) introducing myself through various forms of social media, and exploring the multitude of ways to incorrectly create and customize a domain.


The Good

I took a fairly laid-back approach to introductions, using my previous creative endeavors to reveal my identity and personality to the #ds106 community. I also watched/viewed various examples of noir and introduced Marina and Diamonds’ femme fatale character as my example of the genre:

I really find amusement and entertainment in the fictional idea of a femme fatale: an attractive, jet-setting woman who brings disaster to the men she becomes involved with. This was the aspect of noir that interested me most particularly. I’m excited to explore this concept more fully in my digital storytelling journey.


The Bad

I really struggled with setting up my domain, It was really frustrating at times to figure out how to navigate WordPress and customize my site, but now I’m really happy with the results! I documented some my struggle on twitter:

Thankfully, the #ds106 community came to the rescue, with some professors ultimately saving the day.


The Ugly

Here’s a pic of Nash Grier!


(For anyone that doesn’t know, Nash is very homophobic and sexist and generally ugly on the inside!)


Overall, I’m really enjoying this class so far. See ya next week ds106,


xoxo Gossip Girl [Sarah]

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