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Fourth Week Summary

This week was hardest week for me. I never used Audacity before so I could not start the assignments right away. I went to tutorial in Digital Knowledge Center and learned about how to use Audacity. It was easier than I thought and I could complete the assignments less than 2 hours. I though it would take longer than 3 hours. There were several assignments I really enjoyed. First, listening to ds106 radio and participate in live twitter. Sometimes, I missed few conversations because I was so focused on what others are writing on twitter, but the good thing was that some people who were¬†participating wrote the dialogues on the twitter so I could get from there. Also I really loved to create radio bumper. It was my first best work from beginning. I created my own version of the bumper’s background music and put my voice into it. The final product was better than what I thought so I was really happy about it.

Creating sound effects story that related to my noir character was harder than I thought. I really did not know how and where to start. So I took longer than other assignments. I just went to the free sound website and just search for random sound and tried to create a short story. But I could not think of any story so I went back to the character description on my blog and reread it. And I figured out that the most important thing about my character, John Brown is that he is antisocial. So I made my mind to create a his after work life. After I came up with the story, everything went smoothly and did not take that long to completed it.

The easiest assignment of this week was daily create. Since I’m very used to photoshop, it was not that hard to do it and the results were pretty good.

It was really interesting assignments but difficult assignments. One thing I should probably improve is commenting others post. Since I was very busy of doing my works, I had no time to go others blogs and see what they have done. I should visit others more often and comment on them

This week assignments:

Audio Reflection

ds106 Radio Reflection

Daily Creates:

Ruin-porn photography today

I’m sorry

Audio Assignments:

Happiness through sound

Music Mashup

Reverse Audio Quiz

ds106 Radio Bumper

Sound Effects Story

Thoughts and Ideas:

Brainstorm Radio Show Idea 

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