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Good Morning Sasha Kellogg

For the “sound effects story” assignment (3.5 pts), the only things I could use were sound effects to tell a story about my character, Sasha Kellogg. I used Audacity to mesh the sounds together, which was a lot easier than I expected. I decided to recount Sasha’s morning routine, because a day-to-day routine tells a lot about a person. She wakes up to a buzzer alarm (something I will never do because it puts me in a bad mood), and immediately makes breakfast. While her breakfast is just a piece of toast, she thinks it is important to eat something in the morning before work. She heads out the door and drives herself to work (yes, she is an independent woman who drives herself). When she gets out of her car and walks into the office, her steps are quick; she doesn’t drag her feet because she is usually perky and ready for the day. Finally, she reaches her seat, puts paper into her typewriter, and starts her day as a secretary at a newspaper company.

While some of the sounds I used for this assignment were fairly simple and easy to find (on, some were harder. There are actually 10 sound effects in this story: the alarm, toaster, door, footsteps, car starting, car parking, background typewriter noises, the squeaky chair, fitting paper into a typewriter, and Sasha’s typewriter. The noise for parking a car included opening and closing the car door, so I was going to use the same sound for the car door at either end of her drive to work. The problem was that there was a bird chirping in the middle of the door noise, while there were no birds at her house, so I had to find a different car door for the beginning. There are also two different typewriter noises: the ones in the background and Sasha’s typewriter. I had to makes sure the background noise didn’t cover up the sound of Sasha putting paper in her own typewriter and starting to type. Additionally, the sound of the footsteps sounded too monotone, so at one point I sped up the track to make it sound like Sasha was walking up stairs (as is usual for an office building).

This story is necessarily slightly incomplete. In someone’s morning routine, they dress, take showers, do their hair, put on makeup (for some people), etc. Part of the reason that changing clothes, doing hair, and putting on makeup were not included was because these are relatively quiet activities that are not conveyed effectively with sound effects. The reason I did not include the noise of a shower and hairdryer is because I had to stay under 90 seconds for the whole narrative and wanted to include walking into the office. Additionally, I wanted to focus on those aspects that were specific to Sasha (I hope most people take showers before work). Likewise, these sounds are not the actual length they would be in real life (it takes Sasha longer than three seconds to drive to work, and she does not walk out the door directly after making toast) because that would be impractical. What I did include were the most important aspects of Sasha’s morning routine that convey her personality.

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