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Goodbye Jimmy

I chose emotions through sound (3 stars) as one of my audio assignments because I think being able to portray emotion through only one sense can be very dramatic. Another reason I chose this assignment is because it requires the use of overlapping sounds or sound effects. I thought it would be a good challenge for me to try this, especially since I had some trouble not only finding good sounds to overlap for both my bumper and my sound effect story, but also making them sound nice when overlapped.


This track is supposed to portray an emotion. For this I chose to do sadness. Although it may seem like it’s two emotions, it is really just one. In the beginning the church bells and the woman sobbing are supposed to be sadness, and as the track goes on you hear a weird sounding voice calling out and then she screams. The woman calling out and the scream represent the memory the woman is having while she is crying in church at Jimmy’s funeral.

I chose the name Jimmy from one of the characters in the show American Horror Story who ends up disappearing for a short period of time.

In order to make this track, I used three sounds from the free-sounds webpage and I put them into GarageBand. I also recorded my own voice as the woman speaking in the memory. The sounds I found online can be seen below. After I created the sound on GarageBand, I uploaded it to iTunes and then soundcloud to post here!

church bells

woman crying

woman screaming

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