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For this assignment I took five of my favorite Blake Shelton Songs and mixed them together to become one song. Once I figured out and got the hang of how Audacity worked it was wasn’t that hard. The hard part came when it was matching up the various parts of each song. Some of the transitions are better then others, but I picked these five songs because they all have to do with choosing the person you love, being with them, and doing anything you could for that person. I tried to match up the songs in area of introduction, verses, chorus, verse, and ending. I also decided to begin and end with the same song to create a more cohesive song in my opinion. The five songs I picked were: Who are you when I’m not looking, Mine would be you, God gave me you, Honey bee, and Doin’ what she likes.

Also a side note, I did not upload this to SoundCloud because the assignment page said it might be taken down for copyright reasons. So I put it on my blog for you to hear and hopefully enjoy!

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