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Hand-ception, Kadabra, and the Stick Family

This week we were back to three daily creates. The daily creates that I completed were: creative hands, what’s your superpower, and creative family tree.

creative handsWhen deciding what to do for the creative hands assignment, I thought about the work of artist M. C. Escher, who made “drawing hands” (he is also the artist with the stairs to nowhere, which always gives me a headache). While I am not a good enough artist to draw two hands drawing each other, I drew a hand drawing a hand drawing a hand….. My roommate aptly named my picture “hand-ception” after the movie Inception. I think they are very creative hands, especially that one in full color ;)





telekinesisThe next daily create was to take a picture of yourself to show what superpower you want. My friend took this picture of me bending a spoon with my mind, because telekinesis would be the greatest superpower! I thought about flying, but I am kind of scared of heights, so I decided against that one. I chose the spoon because the Pokemon Abra has psychic abilities and evolves into Kadabra who holds one spoon, and then Alakazam who holds two spoons. By this logic I guess I would be Kadabra. Don’t worry, no spoons were harmed in the making of this picture (I bent it back when I was done).




stick familyThe last daily create I completed this week was to create a family tree. I did not know how to go about this assignment, so I took a minimalist view and created a stick figure family tree. Even though all stick figures kind of look alike, there are differences in the eyes, hair, mouth, etc. that I imagine as traits just like in real life. The stick figure looking at her family tree has similar features as the original stick figure at the top of the tree because she is remembering her family roots.

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