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Happy Valentine’s Day!


Noir Valentines (2 Stars)

double indemnity valentineSince yesterday was Valentine’s Day I thought making a noir Valentine sounded like fun. So I chose to do this assignment for a few more stars. However, I failed to actually make it on Valentine’s Day,  but I am only a couple hours late now. First I looked up quotes from Double Indemnity which I watched this week, and I found one I liked when Walter and Phyllis were speaking playfully to each other the first time they met. I put both pictures into photoshop and edited them into the same canvas. I then used bright pink writing, Arial Bold, for Valentine’s day and put the quote on top of the picture and added my own Valentine comment along with a to/from line. In general, the most difficult part of this assignment was picking a quote but once I found one it was fun to make. Double Indemnity had a lot of good quotes to work with. I give my full permission to anyone who would like to give this noir Valentine to there special someone a day late.

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