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He texted across ocean blue in 1492

One of this weeks design assignments is called, “Apps Galore.” The instructions were to “Think of a character–fictional or even historical. Use a design program to create a “fake” smartphone screen for this character. Use real or made-up apps, depending on what would best describe your character.”

I decided to create an iphone app screen that good ol’ Christopher Columbus would use while traveling the seas.

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So you have your basic phone, mail, safari, and music apps down at the bottom. I believe if iphone were around during his time he would have chosen the following apps to be on his main screen:

{From left to right and top to bottom}

1. He would obviously have a navigation app to help guide himself across unexplored territory. Though, I’m not sure how much help it would be if the world was not properly mapped out already.

2. He would have a flashlight app to help him through those dark nights aboard the Santa Maria.

3. He would have the Star Walk app. I imagine he would be able to see millions of stars at night on the deck of his ship. What better way to pass the time then looking up stars and figuring out constellations.

4. He would definitely carry the Google translate app on his phone, for when he arrived in what he thought was Asia.

5. I don’t know about you, but if I was alone at sea with 100 other men I would get pretty lonely too. I would like to think he would be a little classier and download the pornhub app rather than the redtube one.

6. Trivia crack is the best kind of crack.

7. He would definitely have twitter to keep his sponsors updated. Seriously, go check out the link.

8. He would have to have the clock and calendar apps to know how long he has been at sea. Tally marks are just not reliable.

9. He seems like a Buzzfeed man.

10. He would have the camera to take picture of all the natives he enslaved #MyBitches

11. And the Wikitude app would prove most useful to him. It allows you to take pictures of geographical areas and it will immediately provide you with information about that particular area.


I used a blank iphone screen template to create this image. I used a free online version of photoshop to paste all the icons on as individual layers.

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