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Highland Corporation Annual Charity Benefit

For my third design assignment this week I decided to do the “You’re Invited” assignment and dedicate it to my character Jack Spencer. This assignment is worth three and a half points out of the six required character points. For the event I created I decided to draw from Jack’s history with cancer and use it to create an annual charity benefit for his company, The Highland Corporation.

The first step I took in designing the invitation, after deciding on an appropriate event, was to conceptualize what the invitation should look like. I decided it should be an understated elegance, much like my character Spence. I began playing around with this on Word and Photoshop but I couldn’t really get what I was looking for on there. I decided to do a google search on invitation templates to see if I could work off one of those to better get the design I was envisioning. This is when I came across¬† This website had a ton of templates that you could easily customize on their website. After I found a template I liked and customized it, I took a screen shot of the front and back view and further edited it in photoshop to get the final product.


While I was editing the invitation I got the idea to include the company’s logo on the back of the invitation. I used photoshop to make the logo and then added it as another layer on the backside of the invitation. Here is the logo on its own…


Here is the link to the original assignment:


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