straight down the line

His name is Marcus Jackson.

A tall, intelligent, and arrogant college student.

Marcus was in a bar watching his college football team. He had been invited to go, but decided to not go to live event. It doesn’t matter anyway. In a couple of week he will be kicked out of school. Into the unknown. Marcus looks around at his “peers” enjoying game, talking about which girl is hot, or being challenge to a drink contest. That use to be him once. Where he belonged. When he had time of his life.

When he was happy…..

After getting annoyed with the environment, Marcus looked at the time. It was 7:00 pm.
What is the point in staying? He thought to himself.
Marcus got up, got in his car and left campus. The full moon was his only companion that night. Marcus thought to himself, maybe instead of going home, he could go a mini road trip.
Why not? He won’t see his parents until a week from now. He is not getting any younger. So he concluded, road trip.
First stop the nearest hotel where he could rest. It shouldn’t be that hard one in Las Vegas.
What a sight!
Flashing lights. Hot women walking around. And casinos everywhere!
Marcus checked his account. He had about $500 left. Not that much to gamble with, he thought. But the hell with it! I’m a “free” man! Went to the nearest blackjack joint. Played a couple of rounds, and won over $5,000.
“Finally! Something actually going my way!” Marcus said. Went to back the hotel. Layed down and on his with a huge grin on his face. Turned on a television set to watch a random movie.

In the middle of the movie, Marcus heard a scream. He leaned over the wall to hear the commotion. He couldn’t really hear what was going on. So he went out to invesitgate. Four tall men with suits were standing over a older gentleman. One of the standing men had a gun. The older gentleman pleaded with the loaded gunman, “I will get you the money, I promise!!”. The Gunman said, “Too late”. Marcus, yell “Hey how much does he owe you!?” The four gentleman turned to Marcus, baffled. The loaded gunman said “None ya business, kid”. Marcus said, “If I gave you $3,000, would you leave him alone”? Gunman stared hard at Marcus, consulted with his compatriots and said. “Fork it over, before I blow both of your brains out.” Marcus proceed in giving them $3,000. The gunman then punched Marcus, turned to the other gentlemen, “Looks you got a guardian angel”. The four men ran off. Marcus helped the older gentlemen up and asked he was okay. The older gentlemen told Marcus, “Your such a young man with a promising future, and a great heart….don’t ever be in the situation again!” Marcus meekly nodded, and left the hotel.

He got in his car and started to drive back home. He is not sure how his life will be, but he will know what his life shouldn’t be.


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