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How Much Tweet Could a Tweeter Tweet if a Tweeter could Tweet Tweet?

So live tweet-alongs are actually REALLY FUN! I live tweeted on Wednesday, along with what seemed like a good amount of people! I definitely learned a lot about radio shows, and how important sound is to a story. I was a little weary about listening, because when I watch TV, I tend to get easily distracted. However, with the radio I found that it was a lot harder to get distracted. Since I had to paint the story in my head, I was making sure I didn’t miss any important details that were happening. The background music was always helpful  to the story. It really set the mood and made for a more intense sequence.

The love story between Phyllis and Walter really reminded me of Frank and Cora from the Postman Story. I then found out they were written by the same person, and from then on out I could really tell. There were aspects that were very similar, and it actually kept me more interested in what was  going on. One thing I noticed about audio is how important each sound is. The story would not be complete if it was missing sounds. You really get a feel of what is going on based on what you hear. It also helps you picture the story in your head. Audio is a lot different from reading and writing. I felt as though I actually had to be more creative while I was listening than when I was reading. The sounds really help liven the story, and that is something you do not get when you read. While you do make up noises during readings, they never seem to be as accurate as when you hear them out loud.

Another thing that surprised me was the language used. The accents the characters had really helped bring the story to life, and it made it seem even more like Noir story. During the reading and writing week, I always pictured the characters to have heavy either NY or Boston accents. That seemed to fall into play this time as well. I think the way the characters talk is imperative to the story. The actors were really good at staying in character, and they really helped to tell the story. The dialogue is just as important as the background sounds. While we have seen this week that stories can be told with just sounds (you can hear my story here), I think that dialogue also plays a huge role in telling the story as well.

You can read my tweets from the tweet along below, but you have to start from the bottom and work your way up to read them in order. I didn’t want to put every individual tweet, that seemed obnoxious, so I screen-shotted them and pasted them in!  I think I may have to listen to more DS106 Radio as the semester goes on, even just for fun!

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