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I now realize how rapey this sounds

One of this weeks design assignments was labeled, “Advertisement Using a Cartoon Character.” The goal was to, “Take an existing product or even a regular item and have a cartoon character do their best salesman impression.”

Here is my attempt:

[Worth 3 stars]

Screen shot 2015-02-14 at 7.47.21 PM

After creating this, I sadly realized how rapey this sounds. I regret everything, but not enough to go back and redo the assignment. So…um, my apologies.

How I created it:

I start by googling the initial snow white and the seven dwarves picture

Grumpy didn’t look he wanted to hanky panky that night so I cropped him out.

I opened the image in the free online version of photoshop. I then opened it a second time as a new layer, to go on top of the original image. I then clicked on the adjustment button and scrolled down to the “desaturate” option. After clicking on this, the photo on top turned to black and white. After those two steps were complete I clicked on the top photo (or the new layer photo) and chose the “add layer mask” option. I then clicked the paintbrush tool and began to add color back certain portions of the black and white photo. This is possible because the areas I brush over are basically wiping away the black and white photo on top to reveal the original colored photo underneath. After making just the dwarves and Snow White colored again, making them the focus of the photo,I then merged all the layers.

Next, I added the trojan logo. I found a logo online that had a transparent background. I opened it as a new layer on top of my Snow White photo and moved it down to the bottom right-hand corner. After that was complete, I had to once again merge all my layers together and save the photo to my desktop.

I next opened it in microsoft word to add the text on top of the photo. I still haven’t found a site where I can add outlined text so for now, word it is. I simply added wordart on top of the photo and matched the yellow in her dress to make the text blend in better.

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