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I See the Light

Monologue of a Household Tool (4 points) 

I’m awake! I’m awake! Woohoo, finally! I thought I would never get to wake up! So, what’s new in the living room today? Oh, it’s just her again. What was her name again, Shannon Mayonaise or something? I have been sitting here on this end table for nearly a month now and she has done nothing except sit around and read. She has had no guests. No surprise visitors. Nothing. I swear, the department store I used to sit in was more interesting than this woman. And that place was just a lousy Macy’s. Some days I wish she would just knock me over, so I could go to the dump and get out of this gloomy apartment. I sit here sleeping all day to save electricity, and when Stella finally comes home and turns me on to wake me up, she just makes herself a sad turkey sandwich with mustard and reads the newspaper or a book. Sometimes she gets letters in the mail, what a thrilling moment that is when she opens the letter to see what news her distant friend is telling her! It is truly the most exciting moments of my week, I am on the edge of my end table.

My Lamp's View

Oooh, today she is mixing things up. She is eating ham instead of turkey. What a rebel!

Wait, what was that? Something orange just blurred by in the corner of my eye. If only I could turn to catch a better view. AAHH! WHAT IS THAT? Whatever it is, it is now coming straight toward me! It jumped up on the couch and it is inching its way towards me. It’s this fuzzy, orange creature with glowing yellow eyes. It walks with four legs like it owns this room. How savage! This is my living room! It’s coming closer to me! It’s going to attack my shade! SHARON DO SOMETHING TO SAVE ME! Don’t let me sit here defenseless! I take back everything I said about your boring life! You are better than a department store! This monster is going to kill me!

“Come here, Bailey! Leave the lamp alone.” Susanna finally spoke, picking the creature up and bringing it over by her table with her. So it has a name. Bailey. It is some kind of a pet. How interesting… Perhaps today isn’t going to be as boring as I thought it would be. There’s something new in the room. Now that this Bailey is no longer attacking me, it doesn’t look scary after all. It is actually kind of cute, that is if you like orange puff balls. Bailey is now strutting around the living room checking out all of the other furniture. He played with closed blinds for a little bit, I don’t think she appreciated that very much. I could get used to watching him, he’s kind of adorable.

Stephanie cleaned up her dinner and walked over to the bookshelf to grab a book. She curled up on the couch with a blanket and started to read. Bailey curled up next to her. I glanced over to see the title of the book. Ugh. Little Women again! Honestly, has she heard of a library? It’s gonna be a long evening…


So some of my friends and I were talking about this assignment, and we were joking about how awful the life of a lamp would be, because it is only on for a very small portion of the day. So I thought about writing from the perspective of a lamp could be fun. I decided that the lamp was only conscious when it was turned on and I could imagine the excitement the lamp must have felt at that exciting moment when it finally gets to wake up.

Because we were supposed to dedicate 3 of our 8 points this week to the character we created. I knew this lamp had to belong to Sarah Mustard. Now, since Sarah has no friends and works at all hours of the day tailing people, I imagine that life as Sarah’s lamp would be pretty dull. Not many interesting things would happen in Sarah’s apartment. Then I started having fun with the idea that the lamp is so bored with Sarah, that it can’t even be bothered to remember her real name. So I wrote that in to make it like a Dory from Finding Nemo type life.

After writing my last writing assignment about Sarah finding a cat, I thought it would logically follow that Sarah took the cat home. I chose to name the cat Bailey because Sarah Mustard’s favorite movie is It’s a Wonderful Life. Then I realized that the lamp has probably never encountered a cat before, and it would probably be very scary from a lamp’s perspective to see this cat wandering around the living room checking things out.

This assignment was really fun. I liked the character growth that the lamp goes through, and honestly I had a lot of fun pretending to see things as a lamp. It was an enlightening experience.

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