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I Should Have Made a Better GIF

Chinatown was one of those movies that gave me a sense of noir film culture early on. At first I thought that I was watching just another movie but something about how its made and it’s content takes control of your emotions in that noir fashion.

I chose to create a gif of this particular scene, firstly, because it was available to me and secondly it gives off a strong noir vibe. The beautiful blonde gets her cigarette lit by an on-the-trigger investigator trying to figure it all out.

I’m not quite sure that I did this correctly but it got the job done fairly quickly. I downloaded a youtube file with a website that does just that. Search “youtube video downloader” in Google, and also search for “gif maker or creator”. Once the file was downloaded I opened my video editor where you can move through frame by frame. I took screen shots of the frames I wanted and then made sure that I uploaded them to the gif maker website in the proper order (Date Created). I could have been more specific with the borders but I chose not to spend much time on it.

Enjoy! Let me know what you think in the comments below and tell me how you do your GIF creations.

Harvey Hait


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