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I’d rather play with barbie dolls

The third and last daily create I completed this week was “Internet Arcade Video.” The instructions were to, “Go and play a game at the Internet Arcade. Enjoy. Make us a video about it.”

So um, I hate video games. Except for guitar hero, that game is the shit.

Anyways, I’m not sure whether I sucked at it because I’m a woman, or because I resented it so much, or because I didn’t understand the directions clearly but I died like over 20 times in a span of 5 minutes. I tried taking a video while I was playing but apparently my computer frowns upon that so it decided to just stop recording. For the sake of my blood pressure I did not attempt to play the game again. Here is the video of my before and after reaction to this daily create:

I would say excuse my looks, that I just woke up, but lets be real…I always look like a hobo.

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