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If You’re Not Here, Please Raise Your Hand

So week 5 is always about the time in the semester where life gets hectic, so naturally that means that I was not able to complete my ds106 work until Sunday. :( Hopefully this next week will be better.

This week I reviewed many of the design resources and read The Vignelli Canon. I really found many of the tips helpful which I discussed in my reflection post and I did enjoy all of the tips of mathematical nature. Reviewing this helped me a lot when I was completing my design blitz. I was able to view colors and fonts that are appealing in a better light after informing myself a bit on what contributes to good design.

I watched Double Indemnity, which I really ended up enjoying. I reflected on many of the noir-like design features in a post after finishing the movie. I also created 3 daily creates as instructed and got them done fairly early on in the week. They were fun this week. I really enjoyed getting to be a superhero. I think UMW should use it in an ad campaign.

Reading all of the material on copyright was eye-opening, but really helpful, which I discussed in my post. I am glad I read it and it puts all of my work I do in this class into perspective in many ways. I had never considered that people could get angry with what I do with their work and also that I could possibly get angry at how other people use my own work (which I probably never will, honestly). It was just a new way of thinking about things.

I started my design assignments pretty late in the game. I wish I had had time to do them earlier because I don’t think I would have been as stressed out by them. I completed three about Sarah Mustard: a business card, a license, and an iPhone. I also completed two other assignments to earn the remaining points where I mashed up two logos and made a noir-themed valentine.

I really did enjoy design, I just wish the week had fallen another week in the semester, because I felt like I was so busy this week that I wasn’t able to dedicate the amount of time to it that I was able to during other weeks.

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