straight down the line

I’m a Noir-tist

This week, I organized my blog, by adding categories and links to the menu

completed my 3 daily creates:

parks and rec 2048 …i keep playing this

paper sculpture this was interesting with my wrist

instructions for something you use daily brushing your hair!

did my 10 points of visual assignments

what’s in your bag (3) A look inside Edie’s purse

A-Z Food Collage (2) Just alphabetical food items

Post-It Notes And Grocery Lists! (2) Edie’s lists

word cloud (1) includes words about Edie

glitch art (2) a very refined llama


completed my photo safari  by taking pictures of noir themed objects/ situations

 reflected on the visuals of storytelling

and thought about the visuals of noir in storytelling


comments- i have to go back and find these

some tweets


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