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Inside Longs Phone..

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I decided to do this assignment because I can relate it back to my character, Detective Longs.

Apps on his phone:

Photos: He can’t take pictures on his phone because there may be sensitive images or they could be released and get him busted by gangs or other people who are against him. Though, he can have pictures on his phone so he needs a photo app. The pictures can include those of people he is after or artifacts he needs to return back to the owner, the possibilities are end less.

Mail App: The mail app is so that his director can get into contact with him. Also, he does not want his number going out so he doesn’t give his number to those people in which he is helping, so he provides his email and communicates with them through that way, so it always needs to be easy to get to.

Spy App: This app includes everything from a voice changer, to holding peoples data in which he is trying to find and even a flashlight in case he is in a dark situation. This app is just a basic phone app that basically acts as his non human assistant and can help with anything he needs help with.

Find My iPhone: This app is used to track down those people doing wrong in the world as long as he has their phone numbers he puts them in to help him quickly find the whereabouts before more crime continues.

Music: Longs may be big and tough, but since he is always on the job and not getting much sleep, he can often be found listening to music to keep himself awake. His favorite types of music are rap and metal because they keep him pumped and on his feet for a long day of work.

Google Translate: This app is used incase Longs is having trouble communicating with someone he is trying to help or if he needs to talk to someone to get tips about the location of someone he is on the prowl for.

Phone: In order to communicate with his family and people in charge and the police, Longs must have a phone app equipped with the basic numbers of those he must stay in contact with at all times. Though, no ones names have emojis because he doesn’t have time to make friends, just time to use people for knowledge and orders.

Texting: He needs to be able to communicate over text and not phone sometimes due to the idea of safety and not wanting his voice to be identified or heard so he has to be able to text this in his contacts.

Phones are a very important part of Longs job and that is due to the fact that he needs a way to reach the outside world while he is saving the world. He needs to be able to have his phone equipped with these gadgets in order to be able to handle the tough job, long days and stress alone.


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