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Introducing Andrea Carr….My Character Dossier

Andrea Carr married the love of her life, Don Carr. They had a beautiful family and a wonderful life. They were dripping in wealth from the oil industry, and Andrea’s parents had given her millions from their art studio (before their untimely death). However, on April 16th, 1945 that all changed. Her husband Don was stomped on in a polo event where he died instantly. All alone, Andrea learned that her husband had spend all of their money gambling a few days earlier. Don had been competing in the polo game to win a portion of his money back. Don’s best friend had cheated him out of his last nickel. Now, two years later, Andrea has to raise three kids on her own in a seedy apartment in the slums of New York City.

Once a proper lady with the finest gems and clothes, Andrea is now struggling to survive. Andrea works hard as a waitress in the day and a nurse in the night. She tries her best to feed her 2 sons (James and Harvey)  and daughter, Ivy; but she always comes up short. She has absolutely no help, and fears that she will have to put her children up for adoption to save them from malnutrition.



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