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Isabelle Franklin in Word Cloud







I did the Word Cloud Visual Assignment for my character, Isabelle Franklin¬†for three stars. She’s very focused on what she does so I tried to really bring out the details that she would find important: the facts. She’s british; she’s an immigrant. I also used descriptors that she would find important such as petite, chemist, serious, curious and focused. I then also included what sorts of things are on her mind most often, her work at Fisher- analysis and articles. I used to make my word cloud and I found it fitting that they put the last name followed by the first name. It’s almost clinical: Franklin, Isabelle. I kept switching around the order until the words sandwiched between her name are almost shaped like a comma. I then went down to change the color scheme. I wanted to keep it as clean as she would keep her notes so I chose a plain white background with the font in shades of black and grey. This simple layout keeps the focus on the information- how Isabelle presents herself.
Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 1.14.01 PM

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