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Isabelle McIntosh

It is Chicago in the 40s, and Isabelle McIntosh is a young, twenty-something librarian that doesn’t really call much attention to herself.  The only thing that stands out about her is her striking red hair, which has earned her the nickname of Red.    She wears a lot of black and enjoys staying in the background and just watching people.  Isabelle has many friends, but she isn’t really close to any of them.  She is a very intelligent young woman who believes that women can do any thing that men can do.   Her favorite movie is “Strangers in the Night”.  When she isn’t working at the local library she has her nose in a book, her current favorite is “Three Blind Mice and other Stories” by Agatha Christie.  There is nothing that she loves more than a good mystery.   Often when she is deep in thought she fiddles with her favorite four leaf clover pin that she always wears.  It seems to be a nervous habit and her friends know that she is in her own world when she has her fingers  on it.   Isabelle lives alone in a small apartment that is cluttered with books and newspapers.  Currently the only thing she has in her fridge is a few Grape Nihi’s and some left over french fries from dinner last night.  She usually just picks up something to eat after work on her way home.

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