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It doesn’t end like you think….because I changed the ending. (The Killers)

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Ole Anderson looked at the wall and did not say anything.

“I know,” George said.
“You know? Are you going to do anything about it.” Nick said.
“One day. You can leave now,” George said to Nick sternly.

Two days later, as Nick was working in the restaurant, George came in, sat down and told everyone “Clear out.”

Five minutes later on the dot. The two men entered the room and everything came to a standstill.

“I told you not to come around here and bother my son,” George said.
“I’m your what? YOUR SON? YOU ARE MY DAD?,” screamed Nick. “Not now,” replied George.

The two men stared at the young boy and slowly started to put their hands to their waist. Everyone knew what was coming.

Nick reached under the counter and within two minutes it was all over. Everything went silent after a moment of extreme loudness. It was all over. The two men were not the killers anymore.

I did Write an Alternative Ending and I found this project to be difficult because it required me to think about how to re-write someone else’s work. Maybe because I don’t like Hemingway’s work (yes, I already said this and yes I already said you can judge me, go ahead) but it was really hard to 1) find a place to start my alternative ending 2) decide what direction to take it in (did I really want to have a happy ending? nahh) and 3) determine where the end should actually be. How do you decide how to end an alternative ending? It isn’t that easy. Overall, I thought this was a good project for experiencing noir and trying to write some of our own.


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