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it’s a start

Here is my first audacity audio project, which I’m calling ‘armed robbery.’ It’s for the sound effects story assignment, in which we were to create a story using only sound effects. I decided to go along with my character, Cleo Barrow (a spin on Clyde of Bonnie and Clyde), on a bank robbery. To set the scene I start it off with idle chatter, then a gunshot! And people screaming and whining as the alarm bells are ringing. Then two pairs of feet running away as the bells fade away.

I didn’t catch on to audacity as easily as I thought I would, but I’m figuring it out, nonetheless. And navigating the freesounds site is proving difficult for me; maybe I’m being too picky in looking for sounds. It took up most of my time on this assignment. I had a hard time finding good screams; most were either horror-movie screams or sounded insincere. I’m still not too happy with the ones I found, but I couldn’t waste any more time looking for something I wasn’t going to find. Here’s a screenshot of my layering:

armed robbery screenshot

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