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It’s Chinatown GIFs, Jack

I spent some time making Chinatown GIFs this morning, and I think the shot of Mulwray’s dead body might be one of my better attempts in a long while. GIFs are not only fun to make, they are awesome for slowing down a film and really looking at what’s happening in a shot.

chinatwon_camera 01

I particularly like Mulwray’s dead body GIF because the camera pauses on the face for just a fraction of a second before pulling him up through the shot (one of the most memorable in the film for me). The GIF freezes that moment, and allows you to examine the body that sets the beautifully convoluted plot into second gear.

mulwray_dead 072

I also used a mask in the following GIF of the men pulling Mulwray’s body up the conduit to brush up on some of those skills, but I know I could have done a better job. Can you find the mask?

chinatwon_body1 01

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