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Jim is Practically Famous


… I don’t tell my wife.”

^^^Totally just kidding Jim. But seriously, the day has finally come… Where a professor uses his powers for evil and makes their students create magnificent pieces of art reflecting the professor.

For the design assignment, Professor Groom Poster, we’re making basically “a Jim Groom movie/TV show” poster. I had to choose a TV show/Poster and get a picture of Professor Groom. Cut his face out and put it in an episode of your choice/movie and make a poster out of it. I chose a pretty well known commercial instead of a TV show or movie. Jim Groom is now the most interesting man in the world who can apparently parallel park a train and hundreds of other cool things. He is the Dos Equis man!

I am happy on how it came out. I first found a head shot of Jim Groom and a scene from the Dos Equis commercial on google. I saved both photos on my desktop and opened up Adobe Photoshop. I imported both pictures into the program in separate layers. I then cut out Jim’s face with the select tool and saved it on a separate layer, proceeding to add it to the Dos Equis background. I had to adjust the size, placement, and rotation but that was easy enough with the select tool. Saved it as a JPEG file and now i’m here.

As I was doing this, I remembered that this picture is taking place in my characters night club, Jota’s in Miami. I always knew Jim had good taste in night clubs.

“Jim is a big fan of my night club, but he always gets the same damn beer every time but thats okay, some fellas know what they like in life.” – Jota


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