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Just Call Me Missing In Action

Would a rose by any other name smell so sweet?

My last 3 stars are going towards my Acrostic Poem.

I wanted to use three words that had meaning to me, but may not be understood by others right away. I chose the words Mermaid, Island, and Airplane.

The reason I chose the word Mermaid is because when I was little, that is one thing I wanted to be. I’ve lived by the ocean and the bay my entire life, and I have been swimming for as long as I can remember. I would stay in the water so long that my hands would get extremely pruny. My parents always told me that if I wasn’t careful, I would turn into a fish. I promptly told them that I wouldn’t turn into a fish, I would become a mermaid. That was my dream (which to a 5 year old is pretty realistic).

I chose Island because, well, I live on an Island and I am quite proud of where I’m from. Now I don’t have a typical Long Island ( or should I say Lawn Guyland) accent, but none of us on the east end do. East Hampton will forever be my home, no matter where I end up living in the future. I could not imagine living away from the beach though. Fredericksburg is even too far away from water…and I don’t count the river. That is not water I would like to swim in. But besides that, the island also relates back to the M and mermaids. If i hadn’t have grown up where I did, I probably wouldn’t have dreamt of being a mermaid.

Lastly, I picked Airplane for A. My dad has been flying for most of his life, so obviously I have spent a lot of time at the East Hampton Airport. To be honest, that is probably where I learned to walk. My dad was more of a stay at home dad, and I was well known at the airport. I even learned to ride a bike and drive a car there! (I still haven’t learned how to fly a plane, though.) The airport became like a second home to me, and right now they are fighting with our town to basically keep the doors open. People complain about the noise airplanes make, and that it is too close to their house….but I think that is stupid since they probably got a great deal on ┬átheir house since it was so close to an airport. But anyway, I am very pro airplane and pro airport, and I love everything that comes with flying (minus the turbulence).

This poem is important to me because it represents a part of me that some people wouldn’t see directly. It goes into my backstory and my history, and allows for people to maybe ask more questions about me and my life.



Now you’re probably asking how I made this lovely acrostic poem. Well, I actually made it on word. I took three blank polaroids, and pasted three images on top. I did all of my work in Word because GIMP and I don’t get along too well yet. I took the picture of the mermaid at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. The Picture of Long Island (as the 51st state) I found on google and uploaded to flickr and the airplane picture I found directly on flickr. I downloaded the fonts previously from, and used them to add to the art. I didn’t play with any filters, though I considered putting it in black and white to go with the theme of Noir. However, I didn’t really like how it looked, and I preferred the color.

Thus this puts me at 11.5 stars and I am done for the week :)

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