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Kitties and Puppies!

im sorry picThis week I completed two daily creates. Coincidentally, they were both pictures of animals with a message on them. First, I made a picture with an “I’m sorry” message. Because animals are so cute, I imagined what a cat would be sorry for and decided that the most likely scenario was if one kitty stole another kitty’s favorite toy, and it somehow got destroyed. While these two kittens are hugging to make up, I think they would still get revenge for the destroyed toy. Cats are notorious for annoying dogs, so if the dog was the one who destroyed the toy, they would definitely get revenge in some way (like perhaps stealing the dog’s bed).

puppy belly rubThe other daily create I completed was a picture of a cute puppy, complete with what it is thinking. Probably the best midweek emotional release comes in the form of Googling “cute puppies.” I think the cutest pose a puppy can make is when he/she asks for a belly rub, so that is what I found a picture of. The tongue sticking out is an added bonus! While this week’s daily creates were pretty simple, these are perhaps the cutest pictures I have ever added words to. They truly capture the emotion that I want to convey: kitties are cute, but get revenge, and puppies are just plain old adorable. These daily creates helped lower my stress level this week because it is hard to be too stressed when looking at a picture of a baby animal. Now if only my other classes had such good stress release valves……

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