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Little Bit O’ Blitz.

Looking at the world in a different view throughout this week of delighting in design was really something I’ve never really done before, at least not mindfully. Sure, all different aspects of design impact us on a daily basis, but how often to we take a breath and stop for a beat to actually notice the design itself?! I enjoyed doing just that for the Design Blitz; specifically I analyzed whether or not the design was effective, what kinds of feelings it invoked in me, and whether or not it gave me an overall sense of internal balance.

  1. COLOR


This bit of design found on campus properly utilizes primary colors to make a bold statement, but is not too “in-your-face” about it since it uses black and white rather than over-accessorizing with even more color … I think there can be a such thing as too much color! And seeing as their name is BLACKstone, it totally makes sense that they used a fair bit of black. However, I think there is a bit much going on in regards to all the types of type! Seeing as the majority of the design mainly uses Sans Serif font, I would get a better sense of overall balance if the went for a less cursive, more simple, and unitalicized Serif Font in the middle to make their name stand out even more efficiently while better adhering to the principal of hierarchy.



This simple design tells the potential user of this defibrillator its obvious and exact purpose. The contrasting directions of the jolts of electricity and the white versus red enabled me to practically here the “ba-dump” of my own heart!



All partiality aside, this poster plastered in my room gives the feel of rhythm as the font travels up the side of the page, the italicized bit standing out and contrasting with the bold “ONE”, almost reaching farther, inching continusouly upwards [… there is indeed only one direction for my fave guys! But I’ll stop the fangirl feels right there :P …].



Had the best Valentine’s date who didn’t find me too too obnoxious as I promptly halted in the middle of the mall to snap a shot of this gorgeous Auntie Anne’s advert (…she’s a DS106 alum, so she thankfully fully understood my nutty-ness, lol Check out Meredith’s awesomeness and don’t hesitate to schedule a tutoring session with her in the DKC … there’s no one better! :D). Typography is my absolute fave and a craft that I want to cultivate, so things like this stick out to me like crazy. I think this example particularly perfects the conveying of their message, since the words “each” and “original” do a great job at summing up the company’s message in a nutshell. It additionally gave me all the warm fuzzies as it reminded me that I too, am an original, and we are Each an Original :).



Given that this was the design used on the front of a pamphlet for an organization called Simple House, it makes absolute sense that they literally used a simple house! Had they conversely used some ornate image, it would have skewed the whole continuity of the design as a whole. Additionally contributing to the whole of the design is the use of the cross within the house, which conveys both power and purpose, specifically the purpose of the organization.



This is the marketing for an app that provides assistance and valuable information to young mothers and their unborn children. I don’t think I have to go much further in explaining the symbolism and countless possible metaphors behind the company’s strategic use of the minute yet bold footprint … This design was an über powerful one for me personally.



When I was designing my Minimalist Movie Poster on Friday, not even having embarked on a single thought of my Design Blitz, I was like, “… the ‘everything’ should literally be the EVERYTHING of the design”. Little did I know I was actually encapsulating a very important principle of design … dominance!  “Everything” draws the  client’s eye in immediately and enhances the title of the story itself, and the slightest hint of mint aids in those eye-catching efforts as well. The smaller Serif font contrasts quite nicely with the more serious Sans, which underlines the seriousness of the loss of innocence and realities of growing up that is a big theme in the movie.

Overall, design is something I am immensely intrigued by, and this little bit of blitz really helped me to better appreciate all the examples and elements of it everywhere … Because just like DS106, Design is for Life!

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