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Marcus and the Tiger

Using the website, I got these 10 words:
Fiery predator jackknife defect modern arms bird harmonic distribution odd
My animal, Tiger.

Now onto the short story.

Marcus was walking through the Asian jungle in China. He was on a quest to find a harmonic bird so he can record it for his own personal collection of modern birds. Some people would say it odd way to spend their time, however Marcus didn’t really care what people thought of him. One day, will looking for birds, he ran into a Tiger. The fiery predator was hungry and saw Marcus as dinner. Marcus brought out his jackknife and slowly backed away from the Tiger. The tiger began to chase Marcus. Marcus didn’t have enough distance to get a way from the tiger. He tried anyway. Marcus ran as fast as he could, but realized the tiger was on his tail. Marcus decided to climb a tree to defect from the tiger. As he climbed his arms eventually got tired rested on a branch. The tiger gave up a walk away. As Marcus turned to the right, he saw a great distribution of harmonic birds. He can finally finish is personal collection.

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