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Margaret’s handbag goodies!

In Margaret’s handbag you can find her everyday essentials, you will find:

  • blSunglasses
  • Eye drops
  • Knife
  • Compacted mirror
  • Black gloves
  • Red lipstick
  • Pepper spray

Margaret has these items in her purse for many reasons. She always carries her sunglasses in her purse because then she covers her eyes when she looks at men to figure out who will be her next target, plus they look good on her ;). Her eye drops are in the bag not for the main reason you think, she uses them as a way to poison people but since she has that sweet and innocent attitude they never expect her to put them in their drinks when they are not around or looking. She carries a knife in her purse but not a normal folding knife or hunting knife but a kitchen knife, for the fact that she does not know when she will kill her next man but she is always prepared no matter where she is, plus it is not her kitchen knife so it will not be tied back to her. She has her compacted mirror well only because what female doesn’t need a mirror in their purse. Her red lipstick is a nice touch every once and awhile and it looks good to put on when she spots her new target. She needs her black gloves because they are her favorite possession and she wears them with every outfit, they are perfect when she has to go to a funeral too… Lastly, in her purse is her pepper spray, what person would think a lady like her would use pepper spray for any reason but for protection, thats right everyone but little did they know she uses it for other reasons.

As I mentioned before all of these items play a specific part in her life and some of them you have not seen used yet so stay tuned…

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