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Meet Lawrence Spitler

I am pleased to introduce you to Mr. Lawrence Spitler, called Bullet ONLY by a select few.

Lawrence Spitler


Lawrence was born in Boston, Massachusetts to a Jack and Patricia Spitler.  He grew up in a middle-class home, but overall couldn’t complain about the life he had.  He had one much older brother (15 years older) whom he has never met to this day.  His parents told him that his brother ran away when he was just a baby, for a reason unknown to them.  His father was a military man, gone a majority of the time at boot camp training newbies.  His mother, a nice woman, was a co-manager at the local hardware store on the outskirts of Boston.  At a young age, from what he could tell, his parents loved each other very much and they were a very happy family.

Lawrence was a pretty popular kid in middle school.  He had many friends with which he would fish and hunt.  He was one hell of a hunter, that’s how he got the name Bullet.  He was a content young teen with no problems other than getting in trouble for fighting some kids at school.  With Jack being in the military, Lawrence had a strict home life and thought it disrespectful and rude when other kids would make mean comments about others, so he took care of it.  Once Lawrence started his freshman year of high school, though, everything he thought he knew vanished.  This changed who he was and who he would later become.

His father caught his mother cheating on him with the other manager of the hardware store when he got back from boot camp.  He came home early as a surprise and was so unpleasantly welcomed back.  Jack divorced Patricia and the plan was that Lawrence would live with his father until he was old enough to get out on his own.  After the divorce, his father retired from the military and turned to drinking.  He brought home a new woman every night and Lawrence became accustomed to that way of treating women.  He was a changed man, got mixed in with the wrong crowd and took to drinking, drugs, and sex.  Lawrence would drink anything he could, do any drug he could get his hands on, and have sex with any woman he saw.  His father passed away in a drinking and driving car accident about a year after the divorce.   Lawrence was 17, in Boston with some bad people, and his emotions were almost non-existent at that point.  He dropped out of school to begin business with his so-called “friends.”

Lawrence has never been married, and has never even thought about it.  He’s never had a girlfriend, just countless one night stands.  He believes the world is a terrible place when it comes to love and no one can be trusted.  He’s not looking for love, though, he’s just focused on his job.


Lawrence is a tall, dark, and handsome man now, as you can see he’s pictured above.  He’s 6’2″ and weighs almost 185 pounds. His hair is dark, almost black, short, and unkempt. He keeps his facial hair to a minimum but just long enough to show that he’s a man who knows what he’s doing and means business.  He always has a cigarette between his fingers and his hands are rough and hard from many years of hard work in the business. No one has ever seen him when he is not in a full suit, dressed to impress and ready to take on whatever the world throws at him. His stare is a blank one, but his eyes are as blue as can be with such sadness hidden behind the glow. He’ll never admit to it but deep down he has a huge heart.  He has a lean figure and his shoulders are broad when he stands up straight. His arms and legs are strong and his core muscles are even stronger. He makes sure to keep himself in shape.  He wants to be appealing enough to the ladies to make them need to have him, but not enough to make them want to stay.  Luckily, it’s gone just as he’s planned so far.  He drives a black 1953 Bentley and it is his prized possession.  He treats it like it’s his child and won’t let it get a speck of dirt on it anywhere.  He’s always got that black suit and that black car to match his dark secrets.

1953 Bentley

What kind of business is Lawrence in?  Well that kind of information is need to know, and none of us do.  But one hint could be in his favorite quote, “Fiat justitia ruat caelum” (“Let justice be done though the heavens fall”).

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